Barloworld Learnerships programme 2020-2021

About Barloworld Learnerships programme

Barloworld Learnerships programme is there for individuals who are very much keen on learning about motor cars, machinery and technology. Individuals who are passionate about things who have just mentioned above Barloworld may be a perfect place for you and your future.

Barloworld has employed more than 19 500 people in South Africa. Barloworld was established at the time of nineteenth century, it operates in approximately 24 countries worldwide.

Barloworld is one of the first brands in the world. They offer greater management, integrated rentals, product sustenance in addition to logistic resolutions.

Barloworld receive a support from various brands. Barloworld Barloworld provides great services to their partners and potential customers. It gives business solutions which are very much flexible but most importantly which has value. Barloworld has been working with brands like Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Massey Ferguson, Mazda, Avis, General Motors, Volkswagen, Caterpillar and many more.

Barloworld has been providing their services to local and international companie with a variety of trades. They are very determined to see the development in South Africa and help individuals to sustain their employment. This company understands the needs of the people of South Africa that is why they give young individuals who keen to expand their knowledge an opportunity to join the company.

Barloworld has established a good competitiveness in their field. This is because of giving back to the society wherein they operate their business. The aim to uplift the communities, to balance the economy and to give individuals who are disadvantaged an opportunity to better their lives.

Learnerships available

Barloworld Learnership program offers different career paths you can check on their website. Interested applicants who think they can contribute to the company and also can be able to follow the requirements may apply in one of the following fields or any other field available.

The following fields may be available:

  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Financial Systems
  • Mechanical
  • Diesel Mechanic
  • Mine Surveying
  • Instrumentation
  • Computer Science
  • Technology
  • Supply Chain ? Logistics

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Candidates who are keen to apply for Barloworld Learnership program must provide all the required documentation and complete the application form.

Candidates need the following requirements to qualify for this learnership program, however additional requirements may be needed depending on the field candidate is applying for:

  • Candidates must have passed grade 12 with a diploma or degree in their field.
  • Candidates must be a permanent South African citizen
  • Candidates must have a valid ID document
  • Candidates must be unemployed
  • Candidates must be willing to learn
  • Candidates must not currently studying
  • Candidates must be able to give attention to detail
  • Candidates must be computer literate

Candidates with disability are urged to provide a medical certificate which states the nature of disability. Candidates who have driver’s license are going to be considered first should they meet all other requirements. Candidates must be aware that they will work shifts. Candidates must be prepared to sign a contract with the company. However this learnership does not guarantee a full time position. Candidates will also get a monthly stipend.

Application process

Barloworld online Learnerships might be closed currently, however, candidates are advised to check their website regularly. Candidates should check the learnerships available on their field and if they are any learnerships available.

Candidates are urged to read all questions thoroughly so. Candidates must ensure that they sign the forms. If applying online candidates must ensure to provide required documentation.

Closing date

Applications are available on Barloworld’ website once they are open. Barloworld does not have a specific time for opening or closing their learnership program, individuals who interested should check their website regularly.

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